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Social Media Marketing Increases Your Sales & Search Rankings

The key to Social Media Marketing is about creating a loyal following of people that enjoy and engage with your business, then leveraging this to increase sales and improve search rankings. Depending on the goals of your business, we use services including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. It’s all about creating a social media strategy that helps grow your business and re-enforce consumer awareness of your brand. Below are some of the Social Media features we offer.

Social Media Features

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Web Design that automatically changes it’s appearance to look great on mobile, tablet and desktop devices


Social Media Integration

Like, share, login and social feeds for your social media pages placed directly on your website

Customer Relationship Management System

Automated capture and organisation of enquiry and sales information of your customers

Powerful Content Management System

Update and manage your website and all it’s functionality from any device with an internet connection

Strategic Marketing Integration

Email marketing, PPC and SEO all integrated in the design and functionality of your website


Weekly Performance Reporting

Up-to-date website performance reports including search, sales and enquiry statistics


Search Engine Friendly Coding

Website coding that search engines can read and understand, so your website gets found easier

User Behaviour Tracking

Google Analytics tracking to measure suer interaction and website performance

Advanced E-commerce Platform

Sell products online and easily manage the entire process using a single system

2015 Guide To Mobile Responsive Web Design

2015 Guide To Mobile Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a technique that allows your website to be viewed properly on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Only a few years ago, websites only needed to be one size because desktop and laptop computers were the only devices capable of displaying them....

Search Engine Optimisation: What SEO Companies Won’t Tell You

Search Engine Optimisation: What SEO Companies Won’t Tell You

Ok, Wow, this is kind of a controversial and hotly discussed topic but I will pluck up the courage to take it head on and explain what SEO was and what SEO is today, and in the process expose SEO companies on what they’re not telling you (I won’t mention specific SEO...

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